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Hey, let me tell you why I'm here!

My name is Amiyah and by now, I'm sure you've learned a bit about who I am and what I do. Aside from my professionalism, community service and writing, I have a passion for my people and working toward equity and justice in the communities I come from. I am a strong advocate of HBCU education, as I attended two of them myself. Because of this, my knowledge of Black history runs deep. I have a unique interest in telling the story and experiences of so many people, telling the story of my own life. 

I was raised by a single mother on the East Side of Buffalo, New York, attending public schools my whole life. I have never been disconnected from my roots which I consider one of my greatest strengths. I am a product of my environment and I could never forget where I come from. Now, I am a double graduate, certified life coach and meditation instructor. It makes me so happy to make my family and my city proud. 


The city of Buffalo has a special place in my heart for its culture, opportunity and of course--the food! My mission in life is to boost the Black experience in  and all over the country through writing, speaking and holistic health practices. 

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