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OYÉ is a Yoruba word for "understanding". Owner and founder, Amiyah King coined the term as an acronym for Out Your Estimate, which has become the name of our meditation, spiritual and wellness business. OYÉ offers a range of services that will help any practitioner gain a deeper understanding of life. In the song "Bigger," Beyonce says "step out your estimate, step in your essence, know that you're excellent, rise." Out Your Estimate was created to encourage others to be their true selves unapologetically, without fear of judgement from society. 

Amiyah is certified in life coaching, mindfulness, meditation and trauma-informed care. Our unique sessions are tailored to assist groups of all ages and demographics with their journey to self growth and healing through meditation. Our curriculum is based in trauma-informed practices, the use of somatic and team bonding to foster a safe space for healing. Some activities we use include the Privilege Game, ACE's Trauma Assessment, Burning Ceremonies, Group Hikes, Journaling, Yoga, Guided Meditation, Mirror Mantras and more!

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