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Maybe it's Maybelline

Maybe she’s born with it..

Maybe it’s Maybelline

Maybe she’s born with it, or maybe all her hopes are just a dream….

Like the curse of racism plaguing a nation

Her body immediately folds at the first glimpse of temptation

But that’s because she was born with it

The inability to resist

Memories of when she did

How he’d always raise a fist

See this, is the curse of a nation

The blood running through her veins, full of hypertension

This is the curse of a nation

Barriers and systems in place to hinder entire generations

So of course, she was born with it

The confidence to stand up for her every need

Independence so strong she can’t let anyone think she’s weak

Of course she was born with it, cause we all were

She would rock her mind trying to discover

By what genetic or environmental curse she’d been burdened with

The inability to trust so she can’t really keep friends

Yeah, she was born with that too…

The ghosts of other womens’ past that her grandmothers held onto

In the form of babies made out of wedlock

Relationships not lasting past the first roadblock

Why on EARTH did she have to be born with it??

When images of her happiness come so frequent and vivid

After a journey of growth, and just trying to understand.

Why she had to be born with the belief that there’s no such thing as a one-woman man.

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