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My Favorite Room

Pull up a seat, cause where we finna go is some heat

And don't worry about a thing, just try follow my beat

My mind is an escape

A vacation to some sort of magical place

Wherever I want it to be

That's the catch

Whatever goes on here is all up to me

So, let me tell you how my mind is like an ocean

That runs right up to shore...waves roaring always making me crave more

Of my mind...

Cause it's my favorite place to be

It's got a nice little couch, books and a recordplayer

All set up nice for me

My mind is a safe haven

Designed for my comfortability

Cause there is no escaping

My mind is my ground

It was formed before my skin even turned brown

Because before I was a woman and before I was Black

When all that was made of me were cells in a little sack

My mind was there... waiting to sign a lease

Here on Earth, with a contract to people please

See, sometimes my mind gets me in some shit

Because when I know I shouldn't do something, the thought just always seems to sit

Right next to me

On my big comfy couch

In the naturally lit room

Of my big beautiful house

See, there goes my mind again

Running off of topic

Sometimes I wonder if we're on the same team

Or if I'm the lame and she's the hot chick??

My mind, that is

She comes up with the most fire outfits

and ides, plans I'll never listen to

Because what does she really know?

I can't take another risk or this imposter syndrome will show

Yeah, we hid that one well

In a dusty lockbox beneath the curtains on the shelf

of my sunroom filled with hanging leaves

Florida water, tarot cards and crystal trees

My hangout

To read, chill and layout

This one's probably my favorite room

But even though everything looks nice and put together

I'm praying no one picks up that broom

And sweeps up all my insecurities

The dust that's settled on top of my biggest dreams

This room is my favorite, just the way it is

Cause I made it this way when the plan was just to live

This room is my comfort

Created just for me

To sit and be still

In a life that's risk free

Just looking out a window

Slowly staring at my fate

Behind a smoke glass, a voice inside that lockbox tells me to wait

"Wait another year, when you're better, smarter, richer"

"Just wait a little longer, it'll all come together"

This is the biggest room in my house

My mind--I mean my mind

This room full of doubt, anxiety and fear

But it's all hidden so well, you'd never know any of that was here

Crazy, right, how this is my favorite place to be? The place where my ugliest traits are hidden even from me.

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