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The Girl Behind The Blog-- Pilot Post

Hey, it's Amiyah and I am here to be my truest, most authentic self as I share my journey through life with you all--whenever Spirit calls me to. Hope you enjoy :)


As I travel the physical and spiritual journey of self, I've found what interests me most is not only expressing myself through writing, but sharing that writing with others. From a young age, I have been drawn to a paper and pen, writing my first book of poems when I was 12 years old. I remember the look of shock on my father's face as he read the words I'd so easily written together. I had no idea at the time how "an abortion of the mind" could be perceived, but I knew it'd be thought-provoking so I used it in my poem, following the line "Coming to this Earth felt premature in time, kinda like..."

I wish I could find that book today to connect with my younger self in an entirely different way. I'll never shake that feeling of success, knowing I'd made my own family emotional with words that just seemed to come to me with no thought or effort. A year later, I was published in a "Pictures & Poetry" contest through my school, that ignited my drive for sharing this space with you all today.

I remember standing in awe, as strangers and family viewed my artwork in the gallery where I was recognized. Amazed at their amazement in me, I realized that my passion for writing may extend far beyond my comprehension at the time. There was an inexplicable sense of pride I'd felt in being able to produce something so simple to me, yet so captivating to others. To be honest, I wrote the poem in one sitting, after snapping a random photo of a tree I'd seen just to satisfy my teacher's assignment requirements. The combination, however, won me 2nd place acknowledgement in the citywide competition.

That is how most of my writing has been throughout my life--quick and thoughtless with great reward. My attachment to institutions, albeit grade school, higher education and profession, defined most of my 23 years. I floated through school waiting till the last minute to write papers and receiving A+ grades. I had teachers tell my mom that there's no way I could have a writing vocabulary at my age (her defending me, since she'd likely seen me write the paper from scratch the night before). This only intensified as the years continued. The procrastination worsened, yet my grades did not. I prided myself in being able to write well under the pressure of a deadline. I remember in my 11th grade AP English class, I'd written a paper for my close friend, who received a grade of 94/100 on the assignment. The paper I wrote myself, however, received only an 88 from the same professor. In college, this cycle continued. I'd write papers for student athletes, people pledging the Greek sororities and fraternities, and those who were just too lazy to do it on their own, getting them all A+ grades, as mine coasted in the low 90s. This never bothered me, as I was paid graciously for my services, but I do wonder what my academic potential could have been, had I truly applied myself for my own assignments and papers.

What I do wish I knew before, was how lucrative my writing has always been. From assignments, I began to write copy paragraphs and take photos for my school's yearbook, then writing front page stories for my college newspaper and onto The Buffalo News. None of these achievements completely fulfilled me because none of them were for me. It seemed as though everyone else could see the strength in my writing--besides myself. This blog is honestly the first space (other than my personal journal) that I am not "mandated" to write and will be expressing myself and my thoughts as freely as I please.

I have a knack for journalism, politics, theory and all things alike, however, most people associate me now, with the connection to Source I've garnered by accepting the

calling to heal myself on an intimate level. I've shared this journey on Facebook and Instagram Live as well as this website with tarot readings and spiritual mentorship.

The main focus of this blog will be showing you all how I am stepping Out My Own Estimate, using my Earthly gifts to help heal myself and others.


I hope to maintain blog posts in a frequent manner, however, you should not expect a steady schedule from me here. I will be posting blogs however I feel, whenever I feel, so prepare to take a step into my (sometimes frantic) mind. I plan to write my thoughts on current and past events around the world, stories of my childhood as they relate to adulthood lessons, tips for spiritual guidance and more. Basically, you can expect to read whatever is on my mind at any given time.

Be ready for the boldness and authenticity that drew you to this post in the first place. I will be unapologetically sharing my unfiltered thoughts and opinions as well as candidly explaining my everyday life occurrences or emotions as they pass. Writing has always been therapeutic for me and if you've ever sat on a big comfy couch in a therapy office, then you know it is not all love and light. I will be sharing my raw emotions as they come, so you can expect to laugh with me, cry with me and grow with me.

It is my hope that at least one of you will relate to and be inspired by my posts. If not, I appreciate you for staying this long, anyways.


I'm sure there will be times when I may experience writer's block. For that reason, I would love for you all to interact with me regularly, share your thoughts on my posts as well as what you'd like to hear me talk about! I may not get to your topic immediately, but if we create a healthy repertoire of ideas, this site should stay interesting, always.

If you know me in real life, you know that I am always up for good conversation. Feel free to ask questions, make comments or spark up something nice based on my posts. You can follow my personal social media pages @Amiyah King on Facebook or @AmiyahMKing on Instagram and Twitter.

I can't wait for what's ahead!

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